True Leadership

by Steve Lundquist

Author & Speaker

We’re All Frustrated

However, frustrated violence of any kind is NOT the answer!
We are ALL, “We the People”

Humanity has no countries, no colors, no boundaries, no genders, no sexes, no political parties, no religions, no good and bad, no smaller groups and no separation of any kind, and finally, even no right and wrong until our choices of whose right and wrong negatively affect the life of another one of us.

We, none of us, are perfect. We will make poor choices about right and wrong. Yet, we all must help each other see the line clearly once it becomes apparent we are significantly negatively affecting the lives of others.

We are here again, struggling with understanding this basic life sustaining principle.
We must treat each other with the respect each of us deserve as another human being.

Democracy, as wells as our other Life System Institutions – Society, Economy, Industry and Education . . . ALL serve ALL of US.
However, Our Democracy, the Worlds Democracies, are the connecting lynch pin of Our Life System and our continued human existence.

We must not destroy Democracy! We must CHOOSE to UNDERSTAND and EMBRACE IT!
We all, must, once again, begin this hard work together


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True leadership

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