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We Need Positive Change

Because our world has become globalized in every way, disasters lurk around every corner. We have seen several major crises over the last twenty years, all of which had global implications. They have come in many different forms, which makes planning and solutions mind-boggling.

  1. Global warming continuing its march toward planetary destruction.
  2. Terrorists inciting anarchy and bloodshed at home and around the world.
  3. China’s rise in the global economy and influential authoritarian world power.
  4. Russia’s reemergence into Cold War politics and tactics.
  5. The continuing nuclear threat posed by small, nondemocratic nation-states.
  6. Data attacks with world crippling power on the economy and democracy.
  7. Economic class disparity holding financial influence over leaders and laws.
  8. Greed of bad corporate actors capable of collapsing the free-world economy.
  9. Corporate focus on wealth, creating loss and undermining institutional trust.
  10. Attacks on the virtue of diversity, once again creating significant human division.
  11. Finally, pandemics – Covid 19

These crises have impacted all of us by higher costs for products, services, and taxes, and many of us have been indirectly affected by the anxiety and turmoil surrounding these crises. The advent of accelerated change and rapid globalization make these threats even more serious than in the past. Any one of the above list can be repeated on a scale so massive it will undermine our human existence in ways never before seen.

Our national political and business leaders have been watching the effects of these issues but have done nothing to solve them. Big Politics attacks the other side of the aisle for their proposed solution strategies, accomplishing nothing, often reversing legislation enacted by the other party when they get control. Big Business thinks these issues have nothing to do with them unless it affects their bottom line.

The saving solution strategy must acknowledge that the problems are related by their cataclysmic impact on all of us. The solution requires a new leadership model that connects our Big Politics and Big Business in a form that benefits each of us and all of us, not just some of us.