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True Leadership Book

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.

– Douglas MacArthur

In this book, you’ll see that I take some hard punches at Big Business leadership and Big Politics leadership. Yet, I have the utmost respect for these institutions. After all, they built our democracy into the institution other countries admire and want to emulate. And they’ve created the largest economy in the world, bringing many of us well into a middle class never before imagined.

However, over the years, I have become soured on the motivation of current top-level leaders of Big Business and Big Politics. Beginning thirty to forty years ago and accelerating over the last twenty years, decisions—and/or lack of decisions—by these two groups has led to several intolerable and life-threatening issues. We see division amongst citizens, stagnant wages, a decline of the middle class, a planet on the verge of collapse, and unnecessary taxpayer cost from legislation that does not solve the problem, no matter what the problem.

In this book, I will discuss why we remain in this leadership debacle and how we can get out of it. I will include examples of leadership issues plaguing our country. Contrary to the belief of our former president Donald Trump, we in the U.S. cannot independently solve world issues, nor can we retreat from the world. As always, we must take the lead role in advocating, guiding, and supporting democracy and solutions to world problems.

With the technological and societal changes of the last fifty years, the world has become a one-body politic and a one-world economy. Today, every significant issue is global and affects all of us, not just some of us. The Coronavirus that swept through the world in early 2020 is the latest crisis to threaten a healthy human existence. However, pandemics and other predictable threats will continue to occur regularly until we demand from our leaders a solution to the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, precious time is slipping away to implement the required world-saving solution.

We must demand a defining change to our highest level leadership in both Big Politics and Big Business to ensure an everlasting sustainable world. It is these two institutions that will have the most impact on the future of the world, and accordingly will require the most change.

When I refer to Big Politics, I’m talking about the federal political system.

Companies that I define as Big Business are businesses with annual revenue of over $10 billion or profit of over $1 billion.

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Table of Contents

Why Are Top-Level Big Politics and Big Business Leaders and Institutions Failing Us and the Planet?

  • Chapter 1
    • Critical Signs of Missing Top-level Leadership
    • Factors that threaten a sustainable future for us and our planet
    • Roller-coaster history of self-serving Big Business and Big Politics
    • Global threats to Futuristic Sustainability
    • The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic
    • Which crisis will be next?
  • Chapter 2
    • Today’s Top-Level Leaders Go Missing When Needed Most
    • We the People
    • The true meaning of words from our country’s sacred documents
    • Leaders go missing when we need them most
    • Special interests and unethical leaders use fear-based separation tactics
    • Top-level leadership that pits some of us against others of us is not leadership
    • How Big Business is failing all of us and each of us
    • Out with the stagnating politics and in with new centrist politics
    • Out with the old economic and business leadership model and In with a new true dynamic and connected economic and business leadership model
  • Chapter 3
    • The Failure of Our Life System
    • Our nonfunctioning Life System
    • We must no longer be the roadblock to solutions to catastrophic problems
    • How the God complex of top-level leadership causes disconnect of our Life System
    • How the silo mentality of top leadership causes disconnect of our Life System
    • The silo mentality in Big Politics
    • The silo mentality in Big Business
    • The missing connection
    • The need for long-term goals and strategies

True Leadership Leads for the Benefit of All of Us and Each of Us,
Not Just for Some of Us

  • Chapter 4
    • True Leadership Defined
    • Our new leadership model
    • Yesterday’s solutions will not work
    • True Leaders connect each of us and all of us
    • The misuse of “freedom” by Big Business
    • The misuse of “freedom” by Big Politics
    • Our missing responsibility for the choice and measurement of top-level leaders
    • Our own leadership responsibilities
  • Chapter 5
    • The Foundation for True Leadership
    • The role of ethics and morality in True Leadership
    • True Leadership foundational principles
    • Lead from love, not fear
    • Personality and the value of diversity
    • Balancing logic and empathy
    • Serving others with fairness and equality
    • The leadership failure in rural America
    • Create without harm
    • Teach, don’t demand
    • Accept responsibility
  • Chapter 6
    • We Must Choose Top-Level True Leaders
    • We must overcome fear if we are to choose our True Leaders
    • We, all of us and each of us, must unite in our common humanity
    • The challenge of choosing True Leaders
    • We have the power to choose our True Leaders
  • Chapter 7
    • We, Too, Can Become True Leaders and Change Lives for the Better
    • Sharing our leadership gifts
    • Leading by caring with love and understanding
    • Leading for the benefit of all of us and each of us, not some of us
  • Chapter 8
    • The Futuristic Sustainability Model
    • Focusing leadership on future sustainability
    • New leadership solutions for a rapidly changing world
    • The model for Futuristic Sustainability
    • How connections can impact important issues affecting Futuristic
    • Sustainability
  • Chapter 9
    • The Institutions of Our Life System
    • Our Life System
    • Democracy
    • The time has come for the elimination of political parties
    • Economy’s connection to society and industry
    • Economic pressures emphasize short-term goals
    • Required changes to the Big Business decision-making process
    • Education: the key to Futuristic Sustainability
    • In summary
  • Chapter 10
    • Connecting Big Politics, Big Business, and We the People for Futuristic Sustainability
    • The first step in building our vision of the next 100 years
    • Adding citizen delegates to connected industry groups
    • Futuristic Sustainability goals and strategies will solve the problem
    • A new economic model for sustained growth
    • Corruption’s impact on the prospects for Futuristic Sustainability
    • The China economic power example
    • My goal for Futuristic Sustainability
    • My abbreviated picture of Futuristic Sustainability 100 years from now

We All Must Lead . . . Now!

  • Chapter 11
    • Big Politics Leaders Must Become True Leaders . . . and Lead Now!
    • A call to action
    • We the People must demand moral and ethical True Leadership
    • We must demand that our political leaders support us in rebuilding and expanding the middle class
    • Required changes to our political leadership concept and process mind-set
    • How we can eliminate our political parties
    • Required critical legislation
    • Recommended changes to the office of the president of the United States
    • Free market versus Big Government
    • We all need the funds to pay for basic life-sustaining needs
    • Economic and tax policy
    • Tax collection systems
    • A free-world currency
  • Chapter 12
    • Big Business Leaders Must Become True Leaders . . . and Lead Now!
    • Business is a tool to support people in their quest for a better life
    • Required critical changes to the Big Business process
    • How Big Business is shifting costs to future generations
    • The need for continued innovation
    • Big Business’s new funding mechanism
    • The new economic and investment model for mega-corporations
    • The largest global companies, the financial industry, and potential market bubbles
    • At the beginning, everything mattered, especially people
  • Chapter 13
    • A Call to Action
    • Our survival is at stake
    • The need for citizen engagement
    • The world’s democratic and economic role model
    • Investment always creates the Future
    • Democracy is all of us and each of us, People First
    • Constitutional amendment limiting campaign contributions and lobbying
    • We must change our election process
    • Freedom of speech
    • Freedom of the press and advertising
    • Why we need futuristic young, dynamic global True Leaders
    • We, moderate and centrist people, must get more deeply involved in politics
    • It’s time for We the People to have our own rallies
  • Summary
    • Foundational Concepts that Will Forever Change Our World for the Better
    • A message from me to possible converting True Big Politics and True
    • Big Business Leaders
  • Appendix 1
    • How to Solve the Problem of Global Warming
    • The history and the deadline
    • The global comprehensive strategic plan
    • The futuristic strategy solution process for energy consumption
    • Connected organizations
    • Funding the attack on global warming
    • Possible utility solutions for global conversion
    • Transportation—global conversion
  • Appendix 2
    • Health Care for All of Us
    • Health care for all of us—the issue in summary
    • The basis for agreement
    • Leading to these foundational principles
    • Health care for all of us—recommendations

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