True Leadership

by Steve Lundquist

Author & Speaker

The book in Simplest Terms

The book is about 250 pages and should be 2500 pages. Yet, it pokes us . . . to begin thinking!

There are two main themes:

  • We need TRUE LEADERS that CARE about ALL of US and EACH of US.
  • Their singular overriding FOCUS IS US . . . NOTHING ELSE.

The current focus of BIG Politics & BIG Business is Re-election, Paychecks and Profit

From there, we need A NEW OPERATING MODEL that does two things:

  • Leads from the Future
  • Connects everything to everything –

We the People, Big Politics and Big Business and
Our Life System Institutions – Democracy, Economy, Industry, Society and Education
We currently operate in an unconnected Silo Model unable to solve any BIG problem

Answers all the questions:
“Why”, what, how, where, when and who

Some of my Required Changes:

  • Do away with Big Politics…aka the political parties.
  • Switch from a government with one Executive to one run by three leaders.
  • Change how the stock market works for Big Business.

What is a People’s Constitutional Convention? Look for more to come about the possible Convention, True Leadership, Our Life System and Futuristic Sustainability at

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True leadership

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