True Leadership

by Steve Lundquist

Author & Speaker

Our neighbors are not the enemy, nor is “change” the enemy!

In many cases, they are friends, very often close friends. If this is the truth, then what is it that’s creating lives that are not working for almost all of us? And worse, our fellow citizens and friends of the other political party are wrong . . . and we are right!
The truth is we humans have always sought out someone else as the cause of our discomfort. It’s always been much easier to blame someone else than to accept that we may be causing our own issues. Connected to this cause dilemma, is our insatiable desire to keep our lives the same or to accept only the smallest amount of change. Finally, throughout human history, leadership, at the highest levels, has exploited our fear of change by making someone else the reason for the required change. Eventually, leading followers to rise up and physically challenge the perpetrator of our life’s change . . . even if it’s all lies.

Change has always come to humanity. If not, we would still be wearing loin cloths and killing our dinner with spears. Change is inevitable. Sometimes it comes faster, sometimes slower. Right now, it’s coming faster than ever before in our human history. AND also right now, life as we know it, is monumentally different than any time in the past. Our world is NOW fully connected . . . no more borders.

In all ways, borders, no longer exist! We are physically and technologically connected. Meaning we have no place hide. We have no way to win against our perceived someone else. If we start a conflict with our neighbor, next door or across the globe, the impact on our world is on both of us . . . physically and emotionally.

Whether we start a war, break our economy, have a pandemic, create a destructive technology, burn down our neighbor’s business, shoot our neighbor’s child, seize the Capitol or let our life giving world die . . . the end of all of us lies in the balance . . . Our world has evolved to its absolute connection . . . AND, like it or not, we, are all, connected to each other.
Disconnection began to end in the middle of the last century and over the last few decades the door has closed to a retreat back into the past. The constructive and destructive forces we unleashed on ourselves cannot be turned back.

We desperately need a new plan!

Sooooo! What do we do now?

First. Our neighbor across the street or across the globe can no longer be an enemy. For if he remains an enemy, we seal the fate of both of us! We have now entered a downward spiral to our ultimate extinction. UNLESS . . . we finally begin to see our neighbors, next door or across the globe, as only human and someone who deserves our respect and our friendship.

Second. We, All of humanity, must now work together to save ourselves and the planet. We must let go of “I’m right and you’re wrong!” And, we must let go of competition in politics, government, economics and business. Winning, where the bet has become our human existence, is no longer a viable option. Instead, we must create a collaborative world between countries and businesses for the first time in human history. And, We the People of the World must now hold our countries and our largest businesses accountable to all of us, not their self-interest, lest they continue down the road to undermining . . . OUR existence.

The mirror on our world described above has given us an opportunity to see the direction we are heading, and asking us, for our sake, to take a hard look, and then CHOOSE . . . the opposite direction.

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True leadership

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