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True Leadership Volunteer and Eventual Paid Opportunities

The True Leadership organization is in its infancy. With that said, we must still be able to do all of the below as soon as possible. However, just like every other organization funds are required for our work’s mission to achieve our goal of “building a sustainable world for all of us by teaching leaders, True Leadership”. Therefore, for now, fund raising is our current priority.

Almost all opportunities will be work from home and will span local, state, national, country and world venues. Eventually, if we are successful, your opportunity to lead will be from your venue comfort level. We need all of the following volunteer positions.

  • Foundation Grant Solicitors
  • Development Fund Solicitors – Individuals
  • Program/Message Group Organizers/Facilitators
  • Program Message Creators and Educators/Trainers
  • Legislation Developers/Drafters/People’s Lobbyists
  • Media Messengers, Event Facilitators/Coordinators and Media Partnership Developers
  • Global Solution Experts – Researchers, Scientists, Engineers and Tradesmen/Tradeswomen
  • Connecting Issues Solicitors – Governments/Industries/Science/Issue Non-Profits
  • Issue Facilitators/Coordinating Group Leaders – Horizontal and Vertical
  • National and Global Futuristic Sustainability Issue Developers/Coordinators/Facilitators

True Leadership Foundation Grant Solicitors
As a Foundation Grant Solicitor you will research, solicit and maintain contact with Foundations that offer grants to drive our mission. Write grant solicitations per the requirements of potential offering Foundations. Establish personal relationships with Foundation personnel for future grants and for ongoing input from the Foundation on the particular issue(s) we are both attempting to solve.

True Leadership Development Fund Solicitors – Individuals
As a Development Fund Solicitor for individuals you will research, solicit and maintain contact with individuals that are interested in and want to support our mission. Determine what type of support they are willing to give and assist them in accomplishing their support desire. It may be financial or volunteer and may be focused on a particular issue or our overall mission. Establish a personal relationship with each individual.

True Leadership Program/Message Group Organizers
As a Group Organizer you will bring together other individuals who are interested in our mission and maintain contact with each of them. Our purpose is to spread the word about True Leadership’s mission and attract more followers. You will develop processes to maintain connection to each other and up and down the chain. You will link with other nearby groups and seek out connections and support for solving our most significant human and planetary issues. You and your group are the grassroots support for True Leadership and Futuristic Sustainability on all issues.

True Leadership Program Message Creators and Educators/Trainers
As an Educator and Trainer you will be using the tools you help create for the True Leadership organization to teach both staff and leaders of all kinds about what it means to be a True Leader. You will also be teaching the knowledge base and skills necessary to bring people together to solve our most significant human and planetary problems, including the use and understanding of the Futuristic Sustainability Model.

True Leadership Legislation Developers/Drafters/People’s Lobbyists
As a Legislation Developer/Drafter/People’s Lobbyist you will be working on all things necessary to promote and prepare needed legislation to bring the world to a new understanding and application of the democratic process. Democracy is currently failing and requires a revitalization and a global change to its purpose and the way it operates. In the United States we need a Second Constitutional Convention. Most other democracies need something similar.

You will also be the legislative liaison and coordinator between governments up and down and across the chain of organizations for execution of required law and public funding strategies of governments within the Futuristic Sustainability Model in order to move forward global issue solutions. Additionally, you will coordinate private sector required funding and implementation contracts needed to complete the entire global issue solution.

True Leadership Media Messengers, Event Coordinators and Media Partnership Developers
As a Media Messenger, Event Coordinator and Media Partnership Developer you will be creating and working with all types of media to bring forth a popular understanding of True Leadership and Futuristic Sustainability and, most of all, the “Why’s” of it’s need. This will be an ongoing process because history has shown us that there are many leaders who lead by fear mongering and those leaders will not go away in a democracy.

Media is a watch dog for poor leadership. However, global issues need appropriate time frames for resolution. Future media must be the arbitrator of appropriate time frames for global issue resolution, not the instigator of discontent and apprehension when resolution is well into the future. Big problems are not solved overnight, no matter how much “We the People” want that. True Leadership and the Media must present truthful time frames of global issue resolution as well as an integration understanding of the Futuristic Sustainability Model.

True Leadership Global Solution Experts – Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Financiers and Tradesmen/Tradeswomen (actual experienced workers executing required tasks, examples are teachers, nurses, carpenters, electricians, etc.)
As a Global Solution Expert you will be True Leadership’s public face of our global issues and the information guru’s on the problem being addressed, our solution, and the ongoing solution implementation process. You will also be True Leadership’s internal resource for required players (connections) in the solution to our global issue being addressed.

From this group and the next two groups of required people will come global solution project managers. Depending on the solution there will be many project managers. Global solution project managers are the implementation overseers and coordinators of the global project solution. They will be the ones keeping the solution progressing, watching for unforeseen complications that need alternate direction and maintaining high standards leading to a quality outcome. As True Leaders at the highest levels of solution progress, they will also be the first to say “stop” when encountering a significant solution issue.

True Leadership Connecting Issues Solicitors – Governments/Industries/Science/Issue Non-Profits
As a Connecting Issue Solicitor you will be assisting the TL Experts and TL Coordinating Group Leaders in bringing all necessary players into each global solution process. There will be many of you working on each global issue. Your specific job will be contacting and coordinating all required solution organizations. Meaning you will be a lynch pin in the horizontal and vertical process solutions by executing information dissemination of required information and data as well as in-person and video conferencing of many organizations within the issue solution process. Your job will be critical to the ultimate success of any global issue solution. In effect, you and your team of Connecting Issue Solicitors are the transit hub of all connections in the global issue resolution process.

True Leadership Issue Facilitating/Coordinating Group Leaders – Horizontal and Vertical
As an Issue Coordinating Group Leader you will bring order to the process of global issue resolution. You will be setting and keeping the focus on the resolution of the issue at hand. However, maintaining focus will be difficult because all parties have varying reasons for cause and solutions. We all come from different thoughts, environments, jobs, experiences and many other confounding issues. Yet the group leader must help us come together on the causes of our issue in order to create a resolving long-term solution or movement toward such a solution. We must remember from True Leadership that any such solution must move us significantly toward an equivalent outcome for all of us when it comes to necessities and opportunities.

True Leadership National and Global Futuristic Sustainability Issue Developers/Coordinators/Facilitators
As a National and Global Futuristic Sustainability Issue Developer/Coordinator you will be working with leaders at the highest levels of government, politics, business, education, industry and economics. Your job will be to promote and get accepted True Leadership and Futuristic Sustainability. Success in this endeavor will be legislative action adopting the principles of True Leadership and Futuristic Sustainability into the foundational documents of our democratic governments.