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True leadership
Coming February 2021

In his book True Leadership – Where is it? Big Politics & Big Business, Steve Lundquist outlines in concise terms why we are getting poor or no solutions to our world’s major problems. Not only does he outline the problem, but he makes a solid case for adopting the changes required for real solutions. Finally, he assigns responsibility for a well-organized process that we citizens, our federal politicians and our leaders of our largest businesses can use to begin to eliminate forever significant world issues. All of this to create a sustainable world for all of us and each of us.

Steve makes the foundational case for Federal Political Process changes like:

  • Eliminating Political Parties
  • Eliminating Big Money in Politics
  • Three Leaders Replace One in the U.S. Presidency and Congressional Leadership
  • The Election Campaign Processes
  • Base Federal Politics in “We the People” (All of Us) and Intent NOT details
  • Constitutionally Adopt Futuristic Sustainability Creating a Sustainable World

Plus Big Business Process changes like:

  • Change how the Stock Market works for Big Business
  • Change Big Business strategies from short-term to very long-term
  • Remove all Lobbying from business sources
  • Link Big Business Industries in Collaborative Solutions
  • Base Big Business Leadership compensation packages in solutions not stock price
  • Insert Citizen Delegates into Industry Groups to Drive “People” based Solutions
  • Tighten Free Speech and the Free Press to reduce verbal and physical attacks on others
  • Create Citizen Town Halls to foster centrist understanding

You’ll want to read it cover to cover and ponder for yourself How Can We Get This Started?