True Leadership

by Steve Lundquist

Author & Speaker

Leadership Lessons from Small Business

Leadership lessons from small business translate into any leadership environment. All leaders begin leading from their personality strengths. Most become successful with this strategy. Once success is achieved, most leaders then fail to develop their full personality. Growing personally and professionally is hard work. Most of us avoid that work. Continuous change is not required for most of us. Progressive minor change is.

In general, small business leaders like what they do and how they do it. Without realizing it, most begin stagnating in their personal growth AND business growth.  In my forty year career, all small businesses followed the same pattern. Lucky owners sold their business at the peak of the leader’s ability to grow with it. Unlucky ones went down with it, clinging to their way of doing things. Not developing their full personality leaves leaders with significant blind spots in their leadership style, creating future catastrophes and if not understood, leads to their downfall.

Most often the undeveloped piece of a leader’s personality is the connection to all of us. Because of their early success, and our world’s definition of success, wealth and power, their vision narrows and their focus becomes self-interest and self-preservation.

Our Largest Institutions are no different than small business. Most have come and gone over time. In all cases, leadership at the top failed to see the future and make changes to avoid disaster. Our world has shrunk and time moves so much faster today than yesterday, that we need a new change process at the highest levels of humanity. We need a process that thinks and creates from the future, not just the past, or worse, only reacts to the latest disaster.

Currently, Big Politics and Big Business are taking us down with them, just as many small business owners take their employees, customers, and community down with them. The leaders of Big Politics and Big Business are not fully developing their personalities. They are failing to grow into the wider vision and actions required for the future . . . the wider connections to all of us and the partner institutions that must work together to create a progressive sustainable society and world.
We the People must help them, help us, build a sustainable world for all of us and each of us.

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True leadership

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