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We need positive change in…Leadership, Institutions, Process, & Activism

True Leadership…What is it?

We need top level leaders that care about all of us and each of us and accordingly lead with that as their driving purpose. A True Leader is defined as follows: A True Leader is driven by his or her commitment to their responsibility to each of us, and for all of us, without regard to position or job, organization, or specific life circumstance.

Our Life System – Democracy, Economy, Society, Industry & Education

Only when these five institutional elements are working together will all of us have the gifts promised by our country’s founding fathers. At the moment, the connections of these parts of the Life System to one another are loose at best and miserably failing at worst. We must require our top-level leadership in both Big Business and Big Politics to build stronger connections between all five pieces of our Life System.


Futuristic Sustainability – the Connecting Process Solution

Futuristic Sustainability is:

  • The Foundational True Leadership platform (principles) on which we build the long-term plan/process
  • connecting everything to each of us and all of us
  • continuously worked backward, starting with our desired end
    to achieve our world’s best self and,
  • the required significant changes to our current Life System of democracy, society, economics, industry, and education.

Changes to Democracy. We are the people, all of us and each of us, not some of us or few of us. We must reestablish our power over our democracy by electing True Leaders.

Changes to Society. We are equal in our sharing of the basics of life sustenance and opportunity.

Changes to Economics. All people and the planet must drive future investment/return and funding/output equation—not profit.

Changes to Industry. Future creation activities of industry must be linked, planned, prioritized, and completed to sustain our lives and the life of the planet.

Changes to Education. No one is left out of an education that allows each of us to flourish in our best possible life. Nor will any of us be left out of the understanding that we are all responsible for the rest of us.

Activism at the Highest Levels will Solve Global Problems

Obviously the above is not anywhere near our current circumstance but it must be the goal for achieving our sustainable world. We, all of humanity, must begin to embrace each other in our fight for our’s and the planet’s survival. The issues facing us are ominous but not if we tackle them together. However, in order to tame their impact we must devise an encompassing process for positive change beginning with a foundational thought…our top level leaders work for all of us and nothing else.

Accordingly, there are many changes required of the process of democracy and business in order to achieve our sustainable future. And the changes apply to Democracies and BIG Businesses across the globe. The book outlines many of them. We the People of the world must now begin demanding their implementation. Some of them are briefly discussed in several videos.