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Who Is Steve Lundquist?

I have been in senior management for small businesses or small business consulting all my adult life. In all positions, I reported directly to the business president and was part of the leadership team. As a small business consultant from 1998 to 2006, I helped each client company president and leadership team grow the company or, in some cases, turn around their failing business. I have hired, managed, and mentored many people over my career. I am a general expert in accounting and tax, and I am familiar with business processes and tax processes of not only the U.S. but multiple other countries. I was significantly involved in three private equity transactions.

I led many people within each organization and interfaced with many more from all areas of the business: sales, production, engineering, information technology, marketing, service, accounting, and many others.

I’m also a student of history and current events, which is why, after forty years of observation, listening, and continuous ad hoc learning, I have come to some startling conclusions about the factors that collide in our relationships, friendships, leadership, business, politics, and the global issues of our world.

I have no Ivy League credentials, a Big Business CEO title, or a Senate or House member designation. Yet I believe, like you probably believe, that we are uniquely qualified to render observation and judgment of our current top-level leadership. Why? Because we are the people living with a lack of leadership in today’s time of significant change and its catastrophic impact on our lives and lives all around us. However, you and I have a role in this leadership vacuum. We must become better at choosing our leaders and then helping them create the change required to cultivate a better life for all of us.
Let’s begin this monumental task together.